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Arrangements Crafted for student success!

  • Play along videos for every instrument 

  • Melodies passed from section to section

  • Clear and full scores. No condensed scores

  • Appropriate range and keys for each grade

  • Well sized spaced parts for easy reading

  • Repertoire that students love

Take My Breath - Physical Copy

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Product Details

Take My Breath is a song by Canada's the Weeknd and is the first single on his fifth studio album. Play-along videos can be found by scanning the QR codes in the score/ individual parts or by searching YouTube for "Take My Breath Mini Mountain Publishing."

This piece is in C minor and employs 16th note syncopation in both the melody and bass parts. If students are new to 16th note syncopation, learning the rhythms by ear could be an entry point and can be done using the videos on the above mentioned YouTube channel. Alternatively, this song provides opportunity to students to learn 16th note counting and reading should you decide that this is an appropriate learning outcome for your band.

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