Legend of Zelda

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The legendary Legend of Zelda Theme is a composition by Koji Kondo and is one of the most iconic video game themes of all time. Power Publishing presents Joshua Capri's arrangement for young band. This arrangement is graded at a 2.75 level which makes it accessible yet appropriately challenging for students in their second to third year of playing.

This piece employs mode mixture between Bb major and Bb minor so warming up with Bb major, Bb harmonic minor, and Bb natural minor can greatly help with the accidentals in this piece. It primarily stays within the one octave range of Bb major/minor, making it ideal for a young band. The melody is featured in the flute, alto saxophone, and trumpet parts while clarinets play a counter melody that is friendly to the break. Low brass and woodwinds also get in on the melody at measure 26. There is a four bar solo at measure 38 that is written into all wind parts so any member of the band can take on the solo if they feel like shining.

Joshua Capri

Score, Set of Parts

Early Intermediate - Gr. 2.75
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