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Arrangements Crafted for student success!

  • Play along videos for every instrument 

  • Melodies passed from section to section

  • Clear and full scores. No condensed scores

  • Appropriate range and keys for each grade

  • Well sized spaced parts for easy reading

  • Repertoire that students love

Captain Obvious - Digital Download

2023 - 10101
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Product Details

Captain Obvious
Concert Band

Captain Obvious is a flag waver march for the young concert band. The section that appears in bars 9 - 12 and throughout the piece, promotes student understanding of the difference between concert A & Ab so students can be clear on this key musical element. All instruments take on the melody at various points of the piece, including a fun low brass / woodwind section coming out of the percussion break.

The percussion parts are designed so Captain Obvious is playable with one to four percussionist parts, keeping our young percussion students engaged. Percussion 1 comprises all other percussion parts and is played with the drum set while percussion 2 - 4 separates pecussion 1 into individual parts, allowing for a more manageable part should individual students need it.

Ensemble: Concert Band
Composer: Joshua Capri
Level: 2.0

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