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Arrangements Crafted for student success!

  • Play along videos for every instrument 

  • Melodies passed from section to section

  • Clear and full scores. No condensed scores

  • Appropriate range and keys for each grade

  • Well sized spaced parts for easy reading

  • Repertoire that students love

Five Dollar Shake - Physical Copy

2023 10055
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Product Details

This funky boogaloo is a student favorite that features a catchy melody in both the saxophones / brass, a saxophone soli that lays easily under the fingers, a solo that can be played in alto, tenor or trumpet, and an exciting climax coming out of the bridge.

The lead trumpet part has the option to play up to a written A or take it all the way up to a written D and the saxophones and trombones take full advantage of comfortable range for a grade 3 jazz chart.

Ensemble: Jazz Band
Composer: Joshua Capri
Level: 3

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