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Arrangements Crafted for student success!

  • Play along videos for every instrument 

  • Melodies passed from section to section

  • Clear and full scores. No condensed scores

  • Appropriate range and keys for each grade

  • Well sized spaced parts for easy reading

  • Repertoire that students love

Hero's Quest for Brass Quartet - Digital Download

2023 - 10099
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Hero's Quest for Brass Quartet

Hero's Quest is a heroic brass quartet piece for three trumpets and trombone/baritone. It has with three difficulty levels to best suit your students.

Recruit (Easy) mostly comprises whole notes, half notes, and quarter notes.

Hot Shot (Medium) adds some part independence and more quarter notes. Both Easy & Medium have Bb as the top of the Bb major scale as its highest note for all parts.

Finally, Ace (Hard) adds more eighth notes and extends the range of the 1st trumpet to a written E for an aspiring lead trumpet player, while also adding and some additional part independence.

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